When making a decision to use a service, the first thing one thinks about is the quality of the service chosen. When making a decision on your mattress, even more care is taking in the decision making process.

When finally making a decision to clean your mattress absolute care should be taken in choosing who will provide this service. You should do your homework to make sure the products used are the safest for your children, and pets.

The Kleen green naturally products along with our hot water extraction cleaning method we use in cleaning your mattress, chairs, loveseat, sofa beds, and carpets are the very best on the market, they are totally green. below are the benefits in choosing us to provide you with the finest bug treatment solvent and cleaning on the market.

Kleen green is comprised of naturally occurring organic materials combined with surfactants and other biologically stimulating ingredients. Together these ingredients form a very effective cleaning and odor-control product designed to help remove and eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria and assists in cleaning away pests. Kleen green- is an organic, mulit enzyme based product, non-toxic and ecologically compatible and contains protease, amylase, lipase and cellulose.

The Kleen green formulation promotes penetration and emulsification of oily or fatty substances to increase micro-organism activity. This accelerates the destruction or odor causing conditions and makes it an excellent cleaning agent. Its proprietary formulation is non-hazardous and non-flammable. Non-toxic: Non-irritating to most skin tissue {causes no rash or burn}. If ingested accidentally in small amounts, may produce a laxative effect. If exposed to the eyes, flush immediately with water.

Consult a physician. Hypoallergenic: Contains no known allergens contributory to skin, respiratory or other allergies. Non offensive odor. It is non-gaseous and can be used in poorly ventilated areas. Non-flammable: Contains no combustible materials, is non-explosive and can be used near open flames. Non-abrasive: Contains no abrasive ingredients and can be used on most delicate surfaces and finishes that allow the use of water. 100% Risibility: Washes off completely with water, leaving no stains or streaks. After rinsing, it leaves a non-static finish, thus inhibiting dust accumulation.

The process of Dust mite/bed bugs cleaning should be done throughout the entire room infested. This includes, mattresses, chairs, dresser draws, closets, drapes, baseboards, window sills. This is to assure the process is complete and thorough. After the first process is completed , we would return ten days later to repeat the process. The customer should take care to have all of their clothing washed or dry cleaned prior of service to get rid of insects and bugs. You may purchase our product to use in your washing.

The customer is responsible to clear the areas for treatments. If you prefer us to do so additional time will incur additional cost. If the customer orders the full bed room dust mite treatment, with the exception of washing of clothing we will include all services. Bed, carpet, drapes, baseboards, window sills, closet, and walls collectively per room in price. If customer decides to just have one or two items treated, they will pay alacarte. The customer will receive a gift card of $60.00 to use as often as they like, towards our main maid services Please look at website under services. The customer can lend the gift card to friends and family to use towards our general or main maid services.